Non-Executive Director and Board Member since 2022

Franca Ruhwedel

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Education/background: Franca Ruhwedel (German National) is an experienced board member and has chaired several audit committees including currently, among others, at thyssenkrupp nucera. She has broad sector knowledge and a strong background in finance and accounting. Franca looks back on extensive practical experience in the corporate, banking and university environment, including in the Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions department of former DAX company thyssenkrupp. She has extensive experience as a board member in listed and non-listed companies from various industries with international boards (like thyssenkrupp nucera, National Bank AG and VTG AG) and fulfills the requirements of Section 100 (5) of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG) as a so-called “financial expert” due to her experience and position as a professor of finance and accounting. While serving as a member of the Board, she also has many years of experience as a member and chairman of various audit committees. In addition to a strong background in finance and accounting, Franca brings to the MGI Board proven experience in corporate governance and compliance, as well as extensive experience with the requirements of a stock exchange listing in Germany and with private equity investors.

Current positions: Member of the Supervisory Board/Chairperson of the Audit Committee and the Related Party Committee at thyssenkrupp nucera, Member of the Supervisory Board/ Chairperson of the Audit Committee of VTG AG, Member of the Supervisory Board/ Member of the Audit Committee of National-Bank AG

Holdings in the Company: Franca Ruhwedel holds 4,625 shares in the Company.

Independent in relation to the company, company management and major shareholders.