Non-Executive Director and Board Member since 2024

Greg Coleman

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Education/background: Greg Coleman (Born 1954, United States of America) is a veteran of the advertising industry with ample experience in executive but also board and advisory roles. He is adjunct professor at New York University's Stern School of Business where he teaches a class on digital marketing and innovation, as well as Entrepreneur in Residence at Lerer Hippeau Ventures and sits on numerous boards at the intersection of technology, media and advertising including BuzzFeed, Cadent, Static Media, Guideline and Botify. Earlier, Greg was the President of Criteo, BuzzFeed, and Huffington He also previously held roles as 
President and Chief Revenue Officer at the Huffington Post and as EVP of Global Sales at Yahoo. Greg also served as President of Platform-A at AOL and was formerly Senior Vice President of Reader’s 
Digest Association and president of U.S. Magazine Publishing. At CBS, Inc., he spent 10 years leading advertising efforts for Woman’s Day as Vice President and National Sales Manager. Coleman holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Georgetown University and attended the M.B.A. program at New York University. Greg Coleman's extensive background and expertise, particularly in media and ad tech, make him an extremely valuable candidate for the MGI Board.

Current positions: EIR at Lerer Hippeau Ventures CS LLC, Adjunct Professor, Digital Marketing at NYU Stern 
School of Business, Board Member at BuzzFeed, Cadent, Static Media, Guideline and Botify.

Holdings in the Company: None.

Independent in relation to the company, company management and major shareholders.